Maybe a little less stealth mode??

We all love Rivian around here. And that’s in large part not just because of their engineering. But also because of their culture.

Team Rivian is consistently kind, courteous, and they all carry themselves with humility and grace. It’s beautifully modeled from the very top (RJ) all the way down.

We’re simply covering a recurring topic that comes up often in all the forums: a bit of a growing frustration with some information gaps.

Most of these preorder community members aren’t trying to be nitpicky, by the way.

Rather, we’re now 4 months away from June (the date Rivian says the R1T will start delivering). Despite that being a blink away, here are some things we still don’t know (a small sampling out of many):

  • Service details. We know there will be 41 centers and a mobile service fleet, but no word on locations or anything beyond this.
  • Test drives and in person viewing. We don’t know when or where, not even broad estimated times and locations, just that it’s planned.
  • Paint colors in various lighting. So not so much a studio shot nor a CGI version of the colors. Just “normal” pics of each color in various conditions.
  • “Nearly Flat.” As we all know by now, the 3rd row of the R1S folds “nearly flat.” The preorder community has been asking for a simple pic showing this for months. Keeping even this small detail under wraps feels a bit over wrapped to many.

Personally, I have faith all these (and many more) will be addressed in time.

But the frustrations are a reality in the broader community, so we’re just making a simple mention of it. There are pros and cons either way. Finding a good middle ground is always a balancing act.

What say you? What information gaps are you still waiting to hear about? Leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to find any info and add it to our list of info to keep our eyes peeled for!

Lastly, go Team Rivian! 😉

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  1. -A full walk-through of Rivian’s UI
    -A full walk-through of each vehicle detailing things like seat folding/sliding so we can see storage in the R1S and how ingress/egress will work for the 3rd row.
    -A video detailing the final specs on charging speed, preferably also showing off the new Adventure Network chargers.
    -Final key fob design and vehicle start up video.
    -More details on what Driver+ will be like on launch day.

      1. Absolutely! I was thinking about making my own list, then I saw your post. Some of these things are definitely over due.
        A general map of where they are considering service centers would also be great!

        1. General map is a great idea. If we knew even general locations we could draw 100 mile radius circles around those general locations just to kind of see how it all stacks up.

          1. I’m in Richmond, so DC is only about 90 miles away. I’m guessing that will be one of the first locations. Most of the time when a company says “Washington DC” what they really mean is Tyson’s Corner/Northern Virginia, which is even better for me. DC can be miserable to drive.