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More talk and details about the Rivian Adventure Network // Who buys trucks? // Rivian is leasing 500,000 additional square feet // Update on how to find your preorder number

Show Notes

The Rivian Adventure Network will include fast-chargers located along interstates, but will also install dozens of EV chargers designed to power up its electric vehicles while parked at adventurous destinations, from mountain bike and hiking trails to kayaking spots and maybe even near popular climbing crags. Dozens of locations will roll out in 2021, while the network will look densely populated by 2023.

Image Credit: TechCrunch // Bryce Durbin

“The challenge is we don’t control those networks, so the payments platforms, the uptime, the performance, the ability to reserve a charger — all those things that take the friction of charging away — we don’t truly control. With the Rivian Adventure Network, we have 100% control of that; we get to know what vehicles are charging or how they’re charging, the rates. We can be really creative in terms of locations, so it can allow us to get to places that are very specific and unique to Rivian.”

RJ Scaringe

To this point don’t forget RJ already vamped on this a few weeks ago in this Bloomberg interview.

I’ll speculate here. RAN is made possible not only by billions of cash on hand. More credit can be given to the Amazon deal – 100,000 vans.

3 weeks ago I edited this out as a big benefit in response to HyperChange saying that Rivian has the wrong focus and priority. I said in that podcast that in addition to sheer revenue, that Rivian would certainly be involved in building out a charging infrastructure for 100,000 vans. And although clearly the charging points for vans would be connected to final mile shipping stations, that they’ll be able to take massive amounts intellectual capital from that and apply it to the RAN.

“If you think of commercial vans, the charger and the dispenser may look a little different, but the guts of these power modules that are used to build up the charging capability are identically applied in these very different applications. It’s one of the reasons we built all that core competency, so we can build both fleet-based B2B charging solutions and the consumer-facing adventure network for Rivian customers.”

RJ Scaringe


Who buys pickups?

In America, everyone.


Rivian will lease 500,000 square feet of warehouse space in Normal IL, 6 miles east of the Rivian factory. Rivianplans to use the building for inbound logistics and parts receiving. Rivian is expected to take possession of a building under construction in March. Interior work is scheduled to finish in summer.


How to find your preorder # update. If your preorder was after August 2020, then it isn’t a terribly useful number. They adjusted the numbering system at that time. I don’t think we have collected enough data to determine if there is a pattern to the adjusted numbers. That said, if you ordered after August 2020 it appears as if you’re going to have a pretty high number.

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