Rivian Cold Weather Testing (Microscope Edition)

Directly from Rivian:

“Our engineers have been layered up, testing and refining R1 vehicle dynamics and battery performance in one of the most dependably cold places in the Lower 48.

Batteries like being at nice, moderate temperatures. They typically don’t like extremes. A lot of effort has gone into our thermal systems to ensure robust performance across all conditions. In extremely cold temps, it’s best to plug in overnight if you can — and that goes for any EV. It not only recharges the battery, but it provides the energy to warm the battery to maintain maximum range and performance.

As for the R1, if it’s plugged in all night, you can hop in and drive with very little compromise to performance at even -40° F. Our batteries use an axial cooling method via a central cold plate — a unique design feature of our pack — which is a highly efficient way to both heat and cool the battery. This system uses the minimum amount of energy possible to keep the cells at their optimum temperature, which is particularly important if the vehicle has been unplugged in extremely cold conditions.

Our cold soak tests are designed to replicate an R1 parked outside overnight, which is when batteries can reach their coldest and need to be warmed. In ideal conditions, an R1 can add 25 miles of range per hour when plugged into a home AC charger. At 0° F, because you’re using some of the charge current to warm the battery, you’ll get less charge when you first plug in — the charge rate on a home AC charger is approximately halved for the first hour, then returns to its maximum charge rate of 25 miles per hour after that.”

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