Rivian R1T Test Drive with Jazzy Jeff in New York

Our friend Jazzy Jeff got his Rivian R1T “First Mile” test drive in New York this past Thursday! Jeff was kind enough to give an overview of the experience along with a great tip for those who schedule future test drives.

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  1. Nice interview and very informative. Great to see another excited pre-order holder. I’m curious whether these first mile experiences include any exposure to exterior/interior colors, fabrics, etc., other than the vehicle used for the test drive.

    1. Sorry It’s taking me so long to respond to this. In response to your question, no there was no further information given about any other options. Only the vehicle that they brought for the test drive.

  2. Awesome! Jeff – new to forum, but I devour the videos.
    I have a drive scheduled for next week, and had a similar plan to meet near the beach.
    Big thank you to Rivian Stories and Jeff for sharing.

  3. LaGrange!?! Fantastic! Great video. As much as I’m excited to hear the stereo, I’m equally excited to hear nothing.

    1. Great point! And originally I had a lot more of that song in there but YT threw a copyright restriction unless I kept to a very short clip.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Jeff! So great to have people to live vicariously through. Keep those first experiences coming!

  5. Watch him that video where they’re driving along the water and only hearing the water was amazing! Good stuff!

  6. Noticed the leather seating had a contrasting piping? Is this something new, or just pre-production item?