Rivian Venice Hub Preorder Event Review

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Hey y’all, I attended the Rivian Venice Hub preorder holder event yesterday and wanted to share a few takeaways.

  1. The hub is comprised of a few distinct spaces: the main courtyard, a library, a flex space designed for arts and crafts, an outside gardening courtyard, a merch store, and an outdoor dining area. Not big but spacious enough for small group events. I attended the 12-3 PM session and would estimate that there were ~60-70 people there.
  2. As we entered the main courtyard, a Rivian blue R1T was the first star of the show. The camp kitchen was out and one member was addressing all related questions. Later, he even started preparing a veggie stir-fry to show it in action.
  3. The flex space had some arts and craft for kids and had swatches of the interior and exterior colors. Surrounding each exterior color sample were random objects that inspired the colors. They were encouraging attendees to match up the interior and exterior samples to get an idea of their preorder choices.
  4. The library was just that…a library, but a beautifully decorated space.
  5. The merch store had some insulated mugs made by MiiR, 5 different T-shirts, and 2 hats (blue and black). Mugs ranged from $22-35 and T-shirts and hats were $30 each. I might’ve gone a little overboard and bought one of each.
  6. The “gardening courtyard” towards the back of the property had a forest green R1T with the Yakima tent set up. There were some planters as well and I was told they’re planned for gardening workshops.

This was my first Rivian event so naturally, I gravitated to the vehicles. The hub is a unique space, as I can’t think of another manufacturer doing anything similar. The Rivian culture is real. There was a sense of genuine enthusiasm for the brand. The event crew members were helpful, knowledgeable, and almost all of them had driven the R1Ts, on and off-road, and even took them on camping trips.

Personally, this hub concept is attractive IF you live in close proximity, However, I live about 1hr and 30 min from Venice (on a good LA traffic day), so I’d only make the trek for the vehicle and camping workshops, and possibly the speaker series. Let me know if y’all have any questions!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be out there Friday. To experience the space and the rig for the first time! More to come!

  2. Thanks for sharing … looks very inviting and has a nice vibe … I wonder if this is their concept for the main charging stations they are building, so people have a better time than simply buying a coffee and using the restroom.

    Charging would become a less frustrating thing during trips, and perhaps something people would look forward to so they can relax in such a place while R1 charges, instead of complaining about it. Just thinking out loud.

    I read that Tesla applied for restaurant trademark – https://techcrunch.com/2021/06/01/tesla-files-trademark-hinting-at-elon-musks-restaurant-concept-plans/

    1. Good point about Tesla. I forgot about their upcoming restaurant. The hub didn’t have a dedicated restaurant. All the food there, including coffee, were catered in from local restaurants. The location is on the main road, therefore it would be very challenging for them to add chargers outside, imo.

      1. You’re right. Although, I’m not sure if they are for the public use. You might’ve noticed in the pictures that there are marked parking spots by those chargers. They were towards the back of the property.

  3. If the Seattle area Hub doesn’t end up with a Barista service of some kind I’ll be shocked. 😍😉 Better yet a community course on how to make really good coffee while blue-tarp camping. ☕ Gonna be rad.

    Then again with the R1T no more Blue Tarps needed. 😂

  4. Trying to think of where the Venice of Seattle would be…maybe Fremont? Funky tight-knit community that is downtown-adjacent and has a little bit of everything and is very walkable. Yep, I could see them putting a Hub there.

  5. @SeaGeo where would you put a Hub? Does it have to be near Seattle? Maybe out on the Peninsula…the Rainshadow life is a bit different and unique, but way less population dense as soon as you leave the I5 corridor.

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