RJ shows off pre-production R1S rear seats folded flat!

So doing something a little different here for the description. Just going to copy/paste the notes we made before recording. Simple list format. Not all of these items appeared in the video as I edited 15 minutes out as it needed shortened!

  • Canyon Red, darker than digital version
  • Open lift gate height
  • More optical assault wraps (white/black & white/red that looks pink)
  • 9 R1S you can see in this video (including one through the windshield on factory floor) Good catch. I caught the 9th S.
  • Can see through the front seat backs
    • I think it is Chrome reflecting
  • Prototype side bins gone
  • 3rd row air vents in C pillar
  • Seat folding (maintains storage under 2nd row)
    • Handle/lever on outside 2nd row seat (rear release & flip forward for 3rd row access?)
  • 3rd row cupholder & armrest (does it open for storage bin?)
  • “Holes” in seat backs (car seat anchors, or multipurpose?)
  • Handle at top of 2nd row middle seat back
    • What is the other thing top driver side middle seat back?
  • Air compressor & power access
    • Vent below that isn’t there on passenger side
    • Another cover below, appears open…what’s in there?
  • Rear cargo cover! Caught the catch below the last window
  • Seats fold FLAT, but there is a slight upward angle
    • Rear cargo portion has a slight ledge at the sides that increases in height toward the front of the vehicle
    • Now we’ve seen them folded flat, HOW do they fold flat? (electric or manual?)
  • Plenty of room for even tall people to car camp, RJ is 6’2” with plenty of room to spare, I’m estimating around 18”

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