Sorry. Shop’s Closed.

At the request of Rivian, shop is closed.

We were careful to not use any logos but hand drawings of the vehicles are still not allowed.

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  1. Awww… Bummer. I was literally coming back in to order two shirts. You know what that means though? They probably have a shop section on their website planned to open very soon. 🤔

  2. So that’s what they were doing, instead of sending out a news release this week 😟 … tracking you down! 😂

  3. We can only hope…More information will be available closer to launch. They have needed an apparel shop since day one. If you are curious how long that is…it is 30 months, 3 days or 2 years, 6 months, 3 days or 21,984 hours or 250.96% of a common year or 130 weeks and 6 days or 916 days or 79,142,400 seconds or 1,319,040 minutes…but who’s counting?

  4. Do you ever feel like you try to do a good thing for somebody only to look down and find out you stepped in a pile of dog turds. Time to break out the finger paints and give the kids a chance to make dad some personal merch.

  5. So,  was this a friendly request or was it a Cease and desist draped in legalize? 

    If the latter, that combined with the “oh by the way” your reservation order is merely one of many factors we will use to decide when we grace you with a vehicle at our convenience, my slight irritation will further develop into outright aggravation.  

    1. Friendly fire John. Thanks for the support. I’ve reached out to a Rivian contact in hopes to understand ground rules more. I have no idea what a licensing agreement would entail so we could bring these shirts back…but I’d love to learn.

  6. I hope they are considering a Rivian lingerie line in LA Silver, El Cap, or Midnight with charge door access on both sides this time.

    1. …and if nothing else is made further…they will become true, rare collector’s items, from the patiently waiting phase. 🙂